FAQs on referral of ACTA to the European Court of Justice

edri.org compiles an interesting set of FAQs regarding the referral the European Commission has made to the European Court of Justice on ACTA.

They answer questions like:

Why did the EC decide to opt for a referral?

How can the EC refer ACTA to the CJEU?

What are the questions that will be asked?

What would the referral not cover?

What are the possible outcomes?

How long will a ruling take?

Regarding this last one, edri.org says that “In general, the European Court of Justice rules within twelve to twenty-four months. However, some European law makers are hoping for a faster ruling. Much depends on the choices made by the Court and the scope of the questions asked”.

So we can expect some real answers to ACTA questions in quite a long time. But until CJEU will decide in a way or another, enjoy reading the edri answers, HERE.

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