Moving Forward with the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

US National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced today that “At the request of the White House, NTIA will soon begin convening interested stakeholders — including companies, privacy advocates, consumer groups, and technology experts — to develop and implement enforceable codes of conduct that specify how the principles in the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights apply in specific business contexts”.

Therefore, the authority is seeking some… Public Comments. “As you will see in our Request for Public Comments, we think the first topic for stakeholder discussion should be a discrete issue that allows consumers and businesses to engage and conclude multistakeholder discussions in a reasonable timeframe. We list some options for an initial topic, including how to apply the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights’ Transparency principle to the privacy notices for mobile apps. We also invite commenters to discuss lessons learned from existing multistakeholder processes in the Internet policy and standards realms as we finalize the arrangements for the privacy discussions.”

So, if you want your privacy protected, go ahead and give feedback!


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