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More ISP Blocking In Different EU Countries

edri.org reports that more and more cases were won in court by rightsholders against file-sharing platforms in the past weeks in Europe, but the blocking habits of the ISPs are starting to show their limits.

The UK High Court ruled on 20 February 2012 that the operators of The Pirate Bay (TPB) and its users are both guilty of infringing the copyright of rights holders in a case brought by major recording companies including Sony, EMI and Warner. Mr Justice Arnold said that the operators had the ability to prevent illegal file-sharing but did not do so.

Denmark, after having banned TBP, is now ordering an ISP to block access to the US-based streaming music service Grooveshark as well in a case brought to court in 2011 by a group of more than 30 rightsholders collectively known as RettighedsAlliancen. The Danish Bailiff Court ruled that both Grooveshark and its users infringed recording label copyrights and granted an injunction forcing an ISP to initiate the service blocking.

In Finland, in May 2011, local rightsholders groups filed a lawsuit at the District Court of Helsinki asking that local ISP Elisa should start blocking TPB. Although Elisa refused, it was eventually forced to comply by subsequent court order in October 2011.

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