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Privacy Law Would Help U.S. Compete, Official Says After Congress Hearing

I was writing yesterday about an interesting hearing taking place in a subcommittee of the US Congress, with the main theme evolving around the “burden” of EU privacy law in the context of developing an US informational privacy law. A group of 80 something consumers had sent a letter to the subcommittee prior to the meeting, asking the participants of the hearing to concentrate on the positive aspects of the EU data protection directive and not see it like a burden.

You can read it HERE.

Now here’s what the media wrote about the hearing:

U.S. firms would be more competitive and better able to comply with foreign privacy laws if the United States had a broad law protecting consumer privacy online, a Commerce Department official told a House panel on Thursday. “It would be helpful and I think it would help the competitiveness of our businesses if we had baseline privacy protections that are flexible and take into account really the changing economy, [and] changing technologies,” Nicole Lamb-Hale of Commerce’s International Trade Administration told the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade.

Read the whole article HERE.