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(US) Talking about invasive techniques: License-plate could broadcast your insurance data

According to foxbusiness.com, a plan under study by Connecticut legislators would embed transmitters in license plates to monitor drivers in real time. The idea upsets privacy advocates in a state whose plates bear the nickname “The Constitution State.”

A Connecticut Senate committee recently approved a bill to explore putting radio frequency identification tags, known as RFIDs, in the state’s license plates so cars can be tracked and tickets automatically generated for drivers with lapsed vehicle registration, emissions or insurance. A lobbyist for the program estimates the state would collect $29 million per year by fining uninsured drivers and other lawbreakers.

Former astronaut Paul Scully-Power, now representing the RFID industry, also envisions a future in which the same technology could be used to more easily identify those who break speed limits and run red lights.

Electromagnetic radio waves from an RFID tag give up data to an electronic reader. The data can include registration, insurance and emissions information, along with make, model and color of the vehicle.