Australia: A Civil Right for Action for Privacy Breaches, Ready to be Enforced

Australian news reports show today that the Australian Government intends to introduce in the legal system a civil right for action for privacy breaches.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

The federal government has released an issues paper which examines if new laws are needed to deal with serious invasions of privacy.

The paper looks at a proposal by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) to allow Australians to take civil legal action if their privacy has been seriously invaded.

In 2008, the ALRC called for a major overhaul of privacy laws which would establish a statutory course of action against serious invasions of privacy.

The government issues paper noted that there is currently no statutory action for invasion of privacy in any Australian jurisdiction.

The paper also said if new privacy laws were introduced then individuals and organisations may think twice before acting in a manner which would cause a breach in the first place.

Read more on the subject.

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