GigaOm: Google’s legal and privacy chiefs have sentences overturned by Italian court

231David Meyer writes for that the convictions of David Drummond and Peter Fleischer, as well as former CFO George Reyes, over privacy offences relating to a bullying video, have now been overturned on appeal.

Three current and former Google executives have been acquitted on appeal by an Italian court, over a depressing case that involved a video of an autistic child being bullied.

Back in February 2010, the executives – legal chief David Drummond, privacy counsel Peter Fleischer and George Reyes, who was already Google’s ex-CFO at that point – were given suspended six-month sentences over alleged privacy offences. On Friday, an appeals court quashed the verdict.

“We’re very happy that the verdict has been reversed and our colleagues ‘ names have been cleared,” a Google spokesperson said afterwards. “Of course, while we are delighted with the appeal, our thoughts continue to be with the family who have been through the ordeal.”

The ordeal in question happened in 2006, when schoolchildren in Turin uploaded to Google Video a video of one of their classmates, an autistic boy, being bullied. The video went up in September of that year, but Google only received a complaint two months later, at which point it took the video down.

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