The UK Government officially stated it wants a new data protection directive, not a regulation

According to the Privacy and Information Law Blog, the UK Government issued it’s response to the what the Justice Select Committee opined last November in a report where it raised a lot of concerns with regard to the proposed data protection regulation.

“Overwhelmingly, the Government shares the concerns of the Committee”, according to PILB.

For instance, the Government argues that the proposed Regulation should be re-cast as a Directive which would provide greater flexibility for Member States where necessary. While supporting the aspiration of harmonisation and new principles in the draft Regulation such as the consistency mechanism, the Government states that data protection law should ‘secure individuals’ privacy without placing constraints on businesses practices that harm innovation and growth’.

The Government also has serious concerns about the potential economic consequences of the proposed Regulation and urges that a full assessment of the impact of the draft Regulation be carried out due to the additional administrative and compliance measures introduced. In that vein, the Government agrees with the Information Commissioner’s assessment that the system set out in the draft Regulation won’t work. The Government actively encourages interested parties to use the Government’s Impact Assessment to analyse the impact of the Regulation themselves and provide any feedback to the Ministry of Justice.”

Click HERE for the rest of PILB’s comments.

Click HERE for the Government’s report.


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